Beauty meetings

for Clean Beauty

Consumers’ behavior is subject to evolution, and the main reason behind it is awareness. Globalization and social media are helping information to travel very fast, hence the awareness gets stronger every day.

All the basic personal care products that we use every day and all the way through to more elaborate cosmetics, turn out to be a storage of toxic ingredients and harmful to our health. In addition, consumers became more conscious about major matters such as the environment, children’s exploitation in 3rd world countries, animal cruelty, etc..

Consequently, consumers raised their voice, started asking questions to multinational conglomerates, and demanded more transparency about their products and their engagement in major causes occupying the media. These strong demands left no choice but to respond. 

This is where Greenwashing came into the picture. These manufacturers didn’t find a problem using whatever adjectives they like when it comes to marketing their products: natural, green, eco, organic, to name only a few, without necessarily changing anything in their ingredient list.

Luckily, we witnessed the birth of Clean Beauty by independent brands very committed to sustainability, absence of toxic ingredients, saving the planet, and being kind to animals. This is not just a trend anymore; it has become a lifestyle.

In continuity to what we have been doing to support emerging brands in their international development, and in line with our expertise in finding the best export business partners for these brands, Beauty Meetings steps forward to launch an event entirely dedicated to Clean Beauty Brands, with the promise to identify the best European distributors and retailers who share their values to take them to the next level of their development in Europe.

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Why Participate

You are a supplier of clean beauty products


  • Meet specialized & experienced distributors and retailers with serious sourcing projects and active research of new innovations in clean beauty
  • Be efficient and meet buyers from several countries at the same time and under one roof
  • Rely on our five-year expertise in successfully accompanying beauty brands in meeting distributors and retailers carefully selected according to your needs
  • Optimize your time and money by presenting your innovation at a presentation table; no booth building, no large staff mobilization, no major decoration costs
  • Benefit from all-inclusive packages and visibility options



  • Discover the latest innovations in Clean Beauty
  • Meet brands recruited according to your sourcing needs and criteria
  • Be part of a selective community of buyers carefully chosen to represent a respective market and elected to be the crème de la crème of the Clean Beauty sector
  • Seize the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with the participating suppliers, contrary to quick booth visits and simple business card exchange in tradeshows
  • Optimize your time and money spent on logistics and let us organize your flight and hotel reservation 

Due to the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, Beauty Meetings have decided to adapt to this new context and exceptionally propose ONLINE PRE-SCHEDULED BUSINESS MEETINGS.

We introduce this new format while employing the same expertise to match beauty brands with qualified international buyers, as well as the continuous commitment to take the lead in moderating the one-on-one online appointments.