Online Edition

Online Match-making Event
between Beauty Brands and Buyers

During the pandemic period when travel restrictions and safety regulations put an obstacle to holding international events, we decided to adapt to the context and provide Online Pre-scheduled Match-making Events. This allows all participants to attend the meetings without the travel hassle and continue the export business with new business partners.

We carry on with this format while employing the same expertise to match beauty brands with qualified international buyers, as well as the continuous commitment to take the lead in moderating the one-on-one online appointments.  

The Added Value

Unlike other digital events, we take the lead in moderating the online one-on-one meetings and initiate the calls with the distributors. Hence, we ensure the presence of both counterparts and secure the quality of the meetings.

The format

The event will take place during five days instead of two, and the participation of brands and buyers will be based on a prior selection of specific time slots throughout the event duration. To keep it flexible for you to run your daily business, you will not be asked to block full days in front of your screen.

In this format, we will still employ our tailor-made approach by recruiting distributors according to brands’ export development plans and choose brands according to distributors’ sourcing projects and the categories that they are looking to develop.

Additionally, we as organizers will be completely involved in securing qualified meetings and ensure the presence of the buyers.

All what we will miss is the live networking opportunities in a friendly atmosphere that we hope to retrieve next year!